Are you thinking of completely revamping your house and making it into your dream home? A total home refurbishment unlocks a whole range of benefits.

It is an opportunity to remodel your living space – Whether you are looking to make a better home for your family, or looking to create a beautiful, comfortable and even luxurious new place that matches your needs.

We can help you with:

  • Large or small home improvements and makeovers
  • A new kitchen and/or bathroom installation
  • An extensive home decorating project
  • A full property refurbishment if you’ve just moved home
  • Refurbishment of your rental property if you are a landlord
  • Expert help, advice and guidance
  • Complete Property Refurbishment
  • Planning and Design
  • Kitchen Fitting
  • Bathroom Fitting
  • Decorating
  • Electrical, Gas and Plumbing
  • Plastering
  • Flooring


As a complete build solutions company we are pro-active in developing cost-effective, value-engineered and energy-efficient builds and refurbishments that will benefit the end-user, and the environment as a whole.

Some of our eco-solutions include:

  • Effective floor and roof insulation – retains more heat to keep you warm and lower costs.
  • Underfloor heating – starts at ground level and cools above head height meaning it has a far more efficient heat distribution than a fireplace or radiators.
  • Award-winning boilers with built-in intelligent controls to keep you cosy and reduce energy bills.
  • Low-energy light fixings to lower your electricity usage.


Home renovation refurbishments usually refer to interior changes of a property and can be an affordable way of modernising an old property into a home. Often, relatively insignificant alterations can also be made to create contemporary open plan spaces or add bedrooms to a property which can significantly increase its value.


Our Team can assist you in creating your dream kitchen, working with you to get it perfect. When a new kitchen is installed with home renovation and extension works, it can completely transform your home dramatically


Whether you are looking to add an en-suite bathroom, create a wet room or just simply give your bathroom a fresher look with more space, we will be able to make this possible. Our team can cater for all types of style and budget.


Your bedroom is the most intimate room in your home; it’s a place of relaxation. Our renovation team will make sure that every detail of your bedroom is carried out and tailored to your exact requirements. This includes all remodeling, paintwork, furniture and lighting needed to create the right room.

Why Choose Us?

Full Service, from Design to Build
With 25+ years’ experience, our highly skilled and dedicated team will make sure your project is taken care of from start to finish, with no hassle.

A quick and seamless planning,design and construction process with an immediate start when you are ready.

15-year Structural Guarantee
Peace of mind for new builds, conversions, renovations or extension projects which are being built as a one-off.