Kitchens are the at the hub of any home and it seems to be where most of the work and conversations occur.

So it is important to make sure that your kitchen is up to standard.

We can design and fit it to match any budget and we can completely fit it out with all new components.

Stone bench worktops and the best parts available.

We also supply a refurbishment service which allows us to keep the shell of the kitchen and we just replace the doors and worktops which allows maximum gain with less cost to the owners.

The kitchen has to have the right amount of lighting so you can see what you are doing but also so it is not overpowering.

To make this a reality it is a good idea to increase the natural light if possible. This can be achieved by adding a roof light window, or an extra window, or by increasing the size of the existing window.

The lights of the kitchen are also highly important and we can achieve this by adding some LED energy saving lights to transform the look of your kitchen. These can be placed in the ceilings, and we can also fit lighting inside the cupboards, or above and below which enables us to create shadow features.


At Addstyle we understand the importance of a good washroom/bathroom in any home, if you need to convert a spare room to create a 2nd bathroom or if you want to just refurbish the old one, or if you choose to extend the size of your Bathroom.

Addstyle can make this happen ,we can replace all wall and floor tiles fit a nice new bath or shower fit a new hand basin/cabinet with the latest energy saving taps and finish it off with a modern mirror.

Also good to think about the heating in your bathroom one of the most popular methods we are currently using is the underfloor electrical wiring systems with runs on low voltage and can be set to come on at different times.

Lighting is one of the most important parts of any Bathroom we can increase this with natural light through adding a larger window in the wall or ceiling of the Bathroom.

We can also achieve this by adding the latest energy saving LED lighting, we can really make this room become your favourite room in the home.